Jayden Jaymes Bio

jayden-jaymes-10120-08Jayden Jaymes was sitting behind a desk selling insurance and found it incredibly dull and unfulfilling. Forty hours a week being wasted on a job that she hated wasn’t what she wanted for herself, so she quit. Still unsure of what she should do, she decided to go back to school. College wasn’t cheap, so she started stripping to pay off her student debt. She discovered that she really enjoyed the attention and the freedom to release all inhibition. There were no stuffy office politics to deal with and her customers were far more appreciative. Doors started opening and contacts were made. Soon, she was getting naked on camera as well as on stage. At the age of 20, Jayden Jaymes had become a pornstar.

Priding herself on being a smart business woman, Jayden has gained a reputation for being outspoken and take charge. She doesn’t let anyone push her around or pressure her into doing anything that she is uncomfortable with. The result is worth the trouble because her scenes are all outstanding displays of a woman fully empowered by her sexuality and truly enjoying every moment. If an orgasm isn’t going to be genuine, Jayden won’t shoot it, so what you end up watching, is all real eroticism with authentic enthusiasm and pleasure. Instead of finding that her strict rules and boundaries have held her back, Jayden has actually become one of the most successful and well known performers in the industry. With nearly 500 films to her credit and too many internet scenes and pictorials to count, as well as numerous nominations and several award wins, including the 2014 AVN Fan Award for Best Body, Jayden is well on her way to becoming a porn industry legend.

Tall and busty, Jayden stands 5’8” with a statuesque 36DD-26-34 body. She has brunette hair (although occasionally “goes red”), big round blue eyes, and a colorful hip tattoo that makes her instantly recognizable. She is an all American beauty who was born in Upland, California on February 13, 1986. She joined the adult entertainment industry in 2007 and hasn’t looked back.

Jayden is a very hardworking performer who is typically very busy, but she does get the occasional days off. When she isn’t working, she likes to visit friends and family. She gets drinks and shares gossip with girlfriends, cooks with her mom, talks business with her dad, hangs out with her niece and nephew, and leaves her life as a world famous pornstar back in the studio. She is also an admitted hopeless romantic who wants to go on dates, make out, and be treated like a queen by her lover. She enjoys intimacy with both men and women and considers herself to be a bisexual, but when it comes to relationships, she does prefer boyfriends.

Very appreciative of her fans, Jayden wants to be sure to always provide them with her very best and once you have watched the voluptuous goddess in action, we think you will agree that she does an outstanding job.

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